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LED Pharmacy Cross Benefits

Good visibility, accessibility and parking are fundamental for the success of any commercial retail activity.
Of the three, visibility is something a store owner can really do something about. A pharmacy cross sign is a critical component of the overall visibility of your pharmacy.
The choice is between a standard static sign and a dynamic, bright, moving one.
Static crosses, if well designed, can communicate one piece of information to potential customers ie "PHARMACY".
However after time passers-by can begin to suffer from "ad-blindness". This means that, over time, potential customers may not see, may become accustomed to, or may simply just ignore the messaging.

Catch Your Customers Attention

Variable message signs represent an advance in sign making technology. They allow business owners to broadcast messages in sequence (ie opening hours, special promotions and services available).
The ever-changing, bright text attracts the eye's attention (like the blinking indicator of a car) so that your sign is no longer affected by "ad-blindness".
The first objective of any advertising effort is to change the purchasing habits of potential customers and a pharmacy cross is an advertising cost- only by attracting new customers can a business grow.
You can actually affect customer habits and increase unplanned visits to your pharmacy by providing current information on promotions, products and services to potential customers.
Everywhere in the world pharmacy owners are placing colourful, dynamic, LED, variable message signs in their stores in addition to the standard sign.

 Cost Benefit

LED signs give huge cost benefit to your pharmacy by not only increasing your sales but also reducing your electricity bill.
Most older neon signs when switched on will use between 350-450 watts of power in comparison to a large LED cross sign which will on average use 35-75 watts.
If you would like to get a new LED sign to increase your visibility, foot-fall and ultimately your revenues or if you just need more information don't hesitate to contact us today on 087 2626637 or email us at info@ledsignsolutions.ie.

Our Team


John O'Neill
Owner / Head of Sales

John has over 30 years experience in the sign industry, encompassing a broad spectrum and a comprehensive understanding of how branding and signage works. 

Whilst working primarily as a  consultant in the pharmacy sector for the past number of years giving expert advertising solutions, ie branding and signage, he identified a need for pharmacy crosses by continuously being asked by his customers and so set about investigating the possibility of providing this service. 
The first task was to build up a good support network before selling any crosses as this is an essential part of the process. 

With this now in place we are now delighted to be able to provide this essential advertising medium to the pharmacy sector across the island of Ireland.