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Internal LED Text Display - A Series (Height 16cm) - Various Colours / Size)

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Internal LED Text Display A Series(Height 16cm) - Various Colours

LED Moving Message Signs also known as Moving Text Displays are a great way to promote your business message to the public.

The unit uses the latest LED technology which ensures brilliant visibility maintaining low power consumption at the same time. A standard computer keyboard can be used for text input and settings change, a standard keyboard comes with every set and is plugged directly to the text displaying unit.

The unit has a simple, easy to use interface and is capable of:

  • displaying a spot consisting of 8.000 characters
  • showing current time, date and temperature
  • special characters available (arrows, percents, @ and others)
  • text input in 15 languages Polish, English, Russian, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Dutch and Spanish
  • displaying small, capital letters and special characters (supplementary characters)
  • displaying content either vertically or horizontally oriented
  • displaying 3 font types: thin, regular and thick
  • characters 8, 16 or 32 pixels high (depending on the particular model)
  • automatic (10 levels) and manual brightness regulation
  • controlling the display operation time (eg. turn on at 8:46, turn off at 21.30)
  • 3d effects including zoom and pulsation
  • changing current text into new by rotating it 180-degrees and 360-degrees text rotation
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • No software installation needed. The sign can be controlled with a wireless keyboard
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