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Smart Cross 90x90


The pharmacy cross CRS SMART 90x90 is a very effective advertising medium. The device displays ready animations, which can be selected using a mobile phone with the iOS/Android system when connecting with the device via Wi-Fi (RGB Cross application). The range of animations divided according to the speed of display will match the device to the character of your Pharmacy.
With built-in effects, we can highlight the important content, communicate the information about the opening of your pharmacy 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and also show a date, time and temperature. In addition, the cross is equipped with a clock, thermometer and calendar, which can be presented alternately with inscriptions in one of the selected languages.
The device has automatic brightness control and a temperature sensor.
RGB Cross application for the mobile phone provides a quick option to switch spots and turn off the device, eg. for the night..

Wifi or Lan


Supply only, please ask for installation quote.
Warranty 2 Year.
Lead time 2-3 weeks.

Please Call for Quotations 087-2626637


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